Sail The Seven Seas With Ease In The Oyster 625 Bandido


Photo Credit: Oyster Yachts

Much like oysters in the ocean, Oyster Yachts is known for churning out beautiful things. In 2011, the company unveiled the Oyster 625 Bandido, a light and airy boat designed to cut through sea waters like a knife.  Aboard the ship, you and up to five guests can enjoy modern, luxurious accomodations that are as spacious as they are beautiful. Keep an eye out for details such as the teak paneled soles, white leather upholstery, and comfortable sitting areas.

The Oyster 625 Bandido is available to purchase by contacting the Oyster charter, with prices starting at approximately $2 million.

Source: Just Lux

The Maserati Multi70 Trimaran Takes To The Seas

In preparation for the Rolex Middle Sea Race and other challenges scheduled for this summer, Maserati has officially released the Maserati Multi70. The trimaran is a depature from the single-hulled ships the brand has sponsored in the past, with hopes that the design will increase both speed and safety of the vessel. The prospects for this boat to do great things are high, with expectations reaching even higher with famed Italian sailor Giovanni Soldini leading the team.  In addition to the Rolex Middle Sea Race, the Maserati Multi70 will attempt to set a new record time spent traveling between Monaco and Porto Cervo in September.

Source: Just Lux

The New Aston Martin DB11 Takes On Heat


Photo Credit: Aston Martin

Being beneath the blazing Arizona sun at midday is not the place most people want to spend their time. Aston Martin, however, saw the unforgiving climate as a opportunity to take their brand new DB11 model out for a test drive.  According to Car and Driver, the DB11 is set to be, «Like the best of its predecessors…fast, effortless, and exciting.»  With the ability to withstand 120 degree weather, we hope that it’s got a serious air conditioning system, too.

The 2017 Aston Martin DB11 is now available at dealerships worldwide for approximately $203,000.
Source: Just Lux


Top 4 Mountain Restaurants in Val d’Isere


Photo Credit: Le Signal

In France, Val d’Isere is among the region’s best ski resorts. Along with terrific slopes, the destination is known for having some pretty great restaurants. And as avid ski bunnies know, one of the highlights of any ski day is your midday pit stop for lunch, especially if it’s enjoyed al fresco. There’s something about that fresh mountain air and scenic backdrop that makes any meal feel like an experience all on its own. If you’re headed to Val d’lsere for the upcoming ski season, here are four of our favorite eateries to drop into in between runs. Continue reading «Top 4 Mountain Restaurants in Val d’Isere»

The Rise of Natural Wine



Photo Credit: Sandhi Wines

There are big changes afoot in the wine industry. Generally, what trends in food extends to wine and spirits—take the craft cocktail movement, for example. Spurred on by farm-to-table eating and using local, small producers, sourcing premium, responsibly-made and hard-to-find ingredients and liquors for cocktails has now become fairly mainstream. Following this trend, the organic movement is gaining steam in wine, as it has in food, for reasons of personal health along with environmental sustainability. If you’re a wine drinker, no doubt you’ve heard the terms “natural,” “biodynamic,” and “organic” thrown around, but do you know what they mean? Is this latest fad in wine just that—a fad—or is it here to stay? Are they even any good? Continue reading «The Rise of Natural Wine»